Elections are barely three months away. Already there are debates about debates. Should candidates be coerced, begged, persuaded or forced through laws to take part in political debates? And truly, Nigerians are taking sides. In the twenty first century, after 58 long years of independence, Nigerians are debating about the propriety of candidates for elective posts taking parts in debates.

On a comic note, they want to marry but do not woe the prospective brides…may be forced marriages are still fashionable in some parts but we also know that it has been disastrous too. So in a way, the Nigerian politicians revel in forced political engagements. The reason we have too much violence in the elections. As those who fail to sell themselves are convinced they have no chance with a people who hardly know them no their individual competences and capacities. Rigging, vote-buying and violence are all characteristics of those with low self esteem and marketability in politics.

We must begin to go beyond political and economic rhetoric to ask about the family backgrounds of our politicians, personal idiosyncrasies and General world view. Nigerian politicians seem to be so bereft of the requisite empathy and compassion that predispose good leaders to strive to work for the welfare of the people.

Election after election we have the same set of men and a few women who keep moving the country in circles. Can we decide to ask the necessary questions that signpost the inner core of effective leaders? Why is NIgerian politics an all comers affair? No standards, no benchmarks, no disqualifying criteria pretty much?

Let us have this discussion through your comments down here.👇👇

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