“Would you like a copy of becoming by Michele Obama”? That was the question she asked me inbox. You know when you have been turning out your pockets, opening all drawers, collecting coins and counting like fifty times and checking on amazon ..and contemplating ordering one book or two but you are too broke…Then the angel asks you this question…then the coins you had gathered in your hunt all drop and you slump on the couch in Utter excitement….then she has you yelling that Neighbors almost call 911 on you..😂😂

Then the book arrives on the last day of the year just as your were dropping a book on “Republicans and Democrats”… then you keep yelling her name….the courier envelop still on the book…you don’t even want to open…you are too excited for the magnanimity Of spirit, the grace and kindness of one of your darling friends, (no you were not schoolmates…you both met here!)…and she has been a sister and more and my question is, why am I so blessed?

As I jumped up and down💃🏽💃🏽, she urged me to open the delivery envelope but I told her, even if it is a log of wood in there, I am fully satisfied, for you to even think of me, then buy a bestseller to send to me is more than I can soak in on the last day of 2019. Sister, I thank you from the bottom of my heart…I shall be back!🙏🏼🙏🏼😘♥️❤️

And so, my soul sister typifies the love I receive everyday from my beautiful friends who have turned family. The arrival of the book, she regretted the lateness but I ask, what is more memorable than a smile? Nothing…smile is everything, it energizes both the giver and taker and I immensely thank my sister for her display of kindness.

And so, she caps all the love and kindness I receive every second from my dear family here with the gift of the written word…and her grace too.

I joined Facebook in 2014. Was almost very passive till virtually thirteen months ago. I am a writer trying to scribble my thoughts on politics, leadership, governance, socio-cultural and economic issues but nothing prepared me for the gifts of love and learning I have received here…♥️❤️💙

However, in the last one year, I have met the best human beings here, I have seen love, care and compassion from hitherto strangers who through their love have become family. Then my question is, how did my skepticism keep me away from this party? Why did doubts about few evil people barricade the enjoyment of the best in humanity? We all have hidden prejudices

And I have here met very phenomenal humans, some have shown their vulnerability like I have in seeking answers to human problems. Can we see problems of humanity as one? Human beings have incredible capacity to love, to show kindness and empathy…I have found out here and elsewhere. We might not always agree on methods but the ideas about most things are universal.

I know life is not always all about politics so I have stirred conversations to our common humanity, love, kindness, empathy, relationships…backgrounds to things that we all cherish and live for…there are no absolute vanities…just humans trying to think and act for the good of all. But I cannot bear to be ambivalent…no, as far as I have a voice..I’ll use it the best way I can.

I have seen men and women with hearts of gold, those with brilliance and intellectual depth pursue causes dear to their hearts. I have seen crafters of words who command words to obey their hearts, and I have learnt and keep learning. There are also the comic writers whose every keyboard vibrates laughter in all of us…and make us look forward to a tomorrow…

I thank you all good friends. It’s been a year of stories and lessons and I am trying to sharpen my pencil to take notes from everyone as always. But in all, I am glad I have got FRIENDS! I am grateful for the kindness ….for the gifts. Happy new year everyone!

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