The 2019 elections for some governors and State Houses of Assembly members were held over the weekend. As I write, many results are still being collated. Again like the Presidential and National Assembly elections, violence, disruptions, arson and military intervention especially in Rivers State have been reported. Almost forty eight hours after the elections, some state election results are still being collated, some like Rivers and Imo election suspended, some other states declared inconclusive.

It is worrisome that despite the fact that many flashpoints had been identified before the elections, a state like Rivers had the election suspended due to insecurity. A House of Reps. Member was murdered in Oyo state and some other states recorded deaths and snatching of ballot boxes too.

Senator Godswill Akpabio

However, out of the rubbles of the elections, the nation still has some good news from some states which have reassured the voters that truly, without manipulations by politicians and their agents, the mandate still belongs to the people. We have seen the some prominent politicians rejected at the polls.

The former Akwa Ibom State governor, Senator Godswill Akpabio is top on the list of those that the voters rejected at the polls. First he lost his bid to return to the Senate for a second term. His Party, the APC equally lost the governorship election. The incumbent, Udom Emmanuel was re-elected. This was against the background of a very boastful former governor Akpabio who swore not to be buried in his ancestral land, Ukana should he fail to secure ninety percent of the Akwa Ibom votes for the APC. The people are wondering where he would be buried when he dies. How vacuously arrogant can a man be to his people?

Gov. Ajimobi of Oyo State
A Bukola Saraki of the Saraki political dynasty of Kwara state lost his Senatorial bid to an APC member in his state. From the streets, it seems the people are seemingly fed up of the dynasty. He had moved from PDP to APC and back to the PDP but that did not seem to guarantee his return to the Senate. The people had spoken.

IN Oyo state, governor Ajimobi lost his Senatorial bid to the PDP. As if that was not enough, his party lost the governorship to the opposition PDP. Governor Ajimobi who was christened the Constituted Authority’ governor due to his display of total lack of tact and decorum in public speech. He has a record of being loquacious and haughty in addressing different segments of the society amongst which was a group of University students who had appealed to him to intervene when their University was closed down for months.

Former governor Akume failed in his bid to return to the Senate. He lost to the candidate of the PDP. His people seem not to have forgiven his passivity during and after the massacre of farmers by herdsmen.  He was reported then to have been at a party in the nation’s capital without a care or a display of sympathy for his kinsmen. He is still licking his wounds, literarily.

Senator Akume

In Anambra State, a one-time Senator Victor Umeh of APGA lost his seat to a woman,  Uche Ekwunife. Another woman, Stella Oduah also upstaged the Uba brothers to clinch a Senatorial seat in Anambra. These their victories are very symbolic as the state retains the record of having the highest number of women from one state in the Senate.

As I write, results are still trickling in and if permutations are anything to go by, more records will be broken and made. The Kano state Commissioner of Police, Wakili is trending for the transparency his team has brought to the election. 

Arrested Deputy Governor of Kano state (middle)

The Deputy governor of Kano State, Gawuna and the Commissioner for Local government, Murtala Sule Garo have both been arrested for allegedly tampering with result sheets. This comes as a record arrest in Nigeria’s political history. Street urchins and thugs were normally the only ones arrested for electoral offences. This is good news as the people have always complained of the police having sacred cows when it comes to the arrest of electoral offenders. 

The general elections have been marred by violence, arson, voter intimidation, logistical challenges,deaths and military interference in some states but the above reports and many others are many good news coming out of this year’s elections and both the government, INEC, politicians and the people would gain from the progress being made even though they have been very minimal, they are very impactful. The global political awareness train is off the train station…




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